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The Stackpool Room has up to 30 children aged 3 – 4, all year round. This room is for our older children, and this is reflected in the spaces that they have which can be used for exploring, playing, and learning.

In the Stackpool Room, our practitioners encourage increased independence, in preparation for when they leave us for school. There is more of an emphasis on routine, and the children enjoy this being visually represented up on the wall. More adult lead physical activities, although still informed by the children, take place too, including yoga, and meditation.

The cosy sensory room, dotted with blankets and cushions, is a peaceful space where children can read stories individually or as a group, or simply just to have some down time. The creative room is separate from the main room, giving plenty of opportunity to really get stuck in and make a mess! Here the children enjoy painting, creating, and exploring sensory play.  We also have a corner dedicated to imagination and encouraging our children to explore theirs. This free-flowing room has the children’s interests at heart, and they have lots of fun whilst they learn.

See what the Stackpool Room have been up to:

March 2024

The children in Stackpool have been busy with lots of creative activities and outdoor play this month. We have been enjoying exploring sensory play with the light boxes and in the play trays with Spring and Easter themed set ups. The children have had lots of fun making flower arrangements in pots with green pasta and rice.

There have also been lots of opportunities to explore mark making both in and outdoors with our little ones spending lots of time chalking big designs out in the garden. Bringing the garden back inside, the children collected a range of leaves and natural resources which we used as paintbrushes to create different patterns and textures on large sheets of paper. We’re looking forward to more creativity in Stackpool Room next month.

February 2024

We made worry boxes for Children’s Mental Health Week. The children wrote down their worries and put them in their boxes. We hoped that sharing their worries would help them to understand it’s ok to feel the way they do and that it is good to talk about how we feel.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year. The children looked at Chinese symbols and re-created them.

We have been busy making lots of lovely Valentines cards using different shades of pinks which the children helped to mix as part of the activity.


January 2024

Stackpool Room have been have been having so much fun out in our garden this month, exploring the elements. We had a go at a liquid to solid activity where the children found items around the garden and added them to water. We left these out over night, and in the morning they were frozen. The children thought it was magic and loved watching their creations melt. They also enjoyed trying to get the sticks out of the ice.

The children also enjoyed mark making in the garden and using the cooking utensils in the sand.