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The Ruby Room has space for 30 of our older children aged 3 plus, all year round. The children in Ruby Room follow a great schedule which gives them all the opportunities to learn and have fun.

Much like the Stackpool Room and the Raleigh Room at the Southville Centre, the children in the Ruby Room are encouraged by the practitioners to increase their independence in preparation for their journey to school. During group meal times, the children are encouraged to serve their own food and pour their own drinks. Throughout the room, there are plenty of activities and resources for the children to explore, including musical instruments and a creative area.

We follow a play-based approach, where children can take ownership over their learning and experiences; centring the children’s ideas and voices to create enabling environments and activities which scaffold learning. With a focus on providing children with opportunities to be independent learners, we encourage our little ones to develop through self directed play and by reflecting on their own experiences. Weaved throughout the daily routine are opportunities for children to make decisions and develop their skills and autonomy.  Our children thrive with regular chances to take part in show and tell during circle times, sharing their own worlds and unique experiences.

See what the Ruby Room have been up to:

June 2024

This month, Ruby Room have been taking part in various exciting activities. Firstly, we celebrated Father’s Day, and the children made their special person of choice a beautiful card.

We also had some new resources delivered, which the children have really enjoyed starting to explore. The Hama beads, wooden make up set and remote-control cars have been a real hit.

In celebration of the Euros, the children practised their goal scoring and football skills. We played penalty shoot-out, and the children were so supportive of each other, cheering for their friends. We had England flag face paint too.

Finally, as the weather is heating up, we had some delicious ice cream, which the children scooped themselves. We even added strawberry sauce on top. Yum!

May 2024

During the month of May, Ruby Room has been super busy with lots of exciting activities. It was Mental Health Week and the children did various activities throughout the week, linked to this, but our favourites were our spa day. This is where the children enjoyed some calm music, watermelon, mint flavoured water, orange scent from our oil diffuser, cucumber on our eyes and our feet in some cool water with flowers in. Also, the children liked our baking activity, where we made heart-shapes biscuits and iced them different colours. We spoke about love and positive affirmations.

In addition, during May, the children have been exploring planting. We have planted Cosmos, Zinnia and mint. The children then have taken these home and we are excited to see their growth over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, in Ruby Room, we have been practising our spreading and cutting skills and how to use a knife safely. The children made their own jam sandwiches. We have four different flavoured jams and we spoke about where each fruit grew/ came from and each child used their knife safely to spread on their jam and cut their bread.

April 2024

This month, the children in Ruby Room have been participating in lots of activities. They have really enjoyed the Neli Programme; listening to all the stories, and answering the questions. This has been sparking their curiosity.

Also, the children have been taking an interest in our new wall display. This was painted by Grace and it includes different shapes, colours and numbers. This has been supporting the children to learn their numbers 0-20, recognise 2D shapes, recognise colours, and understand different sizes.

The children have been focusing on their physical development and have been practising hopscotch. This has been a fun way for the children to move in different ways, like hopping or jumping. It also lets them use their mathematical skills, whilst counting as they get further along the hopscotch.