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The Leighton Room has space for up to 24 children aged 2 – 3, all year round. This room has big windows making it light and airy, yet still has a snug and cosy feel to it. The room has a wide range of resources for the children to play with, and different areas set up to encourage children to independently make choices during their play. The children will experience a fun and enjoyable time here in the Leighton Room, with a flexible routine that focuses on what the children need and want.

Each section of our room is set up to support the areas of the EYFS curriculum. We encourage children to explore independently; drawers are labelled with words and photos for children to use freely and resources are set out at child level.

Children enjoy regular circle times where we listen to stories, use Makaton, and join in singing songs. We have developed a calming sensory room that is utilised also as a sleep room; our children love to spend time relaxing in here. Our children enjoy exploring the creative space using a range of media and materials and we are lucky to have our very own garden that enables children to free-flow outside during the day.

Throughout the week, we take observations of the children to celebrate the milestones and progress that they are making in their individual journeys. Child led play or small group times are planned around our children’s interests and development and we encourage lots of free play as a way to discover what it is that really excites them.

Leighton Room children are confident, happy and enjoy all peer and adult interactions.

See what the Leighton Room have been up to this month:

March 2024

The Leighton Room children have been really interested in superhero play this month. They have been having lots of fun trying on masks and looking at themselves in the mirror.

We have also been having lots of Easter fun. Making cards, Easter sensory tray and painting chicks.

February 2024

We celebrated Pancake Day by making pancakes out of playdough and and Valentine’s Day by making hearts out of sticky bits. Our children loved getting messy and stuck into mixing and kneading the dough and finding their inner artists making their collage creations.


January 2024

The Leighton Room gang are enjoying being back from their Christmas holidays. Lots of children are talking about what they have done during their Christmas break and over the weekends and we are building on their experiences.

Lots of the children have been to the farm, so we have played with the farm animals and read stories to do with animals. The children have noticed builders in the street and have been keen to role play being them so we used shaving foam as cement to build with. Some of our children have new siblings, so we have been facilitating lots of doll play and spending time taking care of them.

The children really liked the real Christmas tree so we have been having lots of fun experimenting painting with the branches.