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The Beauley Room holds up to 15 of our youngest children aged nine months to two years. This room has a welcoming and homely feel and there are plenty of communication friendly spaces where children can feel safe and secure. These spaces can be used for exploring and playing, as well as interactions with practitioners and friends.

We aim to create a homely feel for children to come in and play, but our number one priority is for our children to feel safe and relaxed at all times. We try to create as many spaces as we can to ensure children have the opportunity to make choices for themselves with what they wish to do.

We have a relaxing story corner with soft toys, cushions, blankets, and plenty of engaging books for the children to get lost in. Our arts and craft area is very popular with our little ones, who love to experiment and explore sensory and messy play. Our favourite area of the room is our beautiful indoor wooden slide where the children can practice their physical skills, for example climbing up the steps and crawling underneath the tunnel.

All of our toys and resources are down at the child’s level so that they can independently access what they would like to play with and make their own choices.

We feel it’s important to use our staff members unique skillsets, so we encourage each member of staff to share their passions with the children – whether it’s getting creative with messy play, improving the children’s confidence with outdoor play or inspiring learning through role play.

See what the Beauley Room have been up to this month:

March 2024

The Beauley Room has really enjoyed celebrating lots of different holidays this month! We have celebrated Red Nose Day, St Patrick’s day and Easter. The children have enjoyed making Easter cards to take home to their loved ones using our hand prints as chicks. We have also decorated Easter biscuits with coloured icing and sprinkles and played with green coloured play dough for St Patrick’s day. What a busy month!

February 2024

The children celebrated and explored their way into Children’s Mental Health Week. We looked into our emotions and how we can express them by using the colour monsters and also communicating through song. We have been singing “If you’re happy and you know it” and using this for all the different emotions; we also had a teeth brushing activity.

Beauley Room celebrated pancake day by having pancakes for snack and talking about all of the different toppings we could have. Our friends independently took it in turns to take a piece from the plate and enjoy them.


January 2024

In the Beauley Room, we have enjoyed all aspects of nursery from books, magnets, arts and crafts and ice play.

This month, we have particularly enjoyed reading ‘The Colour Monster’ book to try and identify different feelings and emotions. We have used our coloured colour monster toys to match up feelings with colours and place them in some colour emotion jars around our room.

We have enjoyed maths in the Beauley Room by exploring magnets and states of matter. In the garden, we explored ice and melting which was really fun! We also stuck some numbered magnets on the fridge to see if they would stick. The children have also enjoyed using scrunched up tissue paper to decorate our rainbow for the Light Up event next month.