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The Beauley Room holds up to 15 of our youngest children aged 1-2. This room has a welcoming and homely feel and there are plenty of communication friendly spaces where children can feel safe and secure. These spaces can be used for exploring and playing, as well as interactions with practitioners and friends.

We aim to create a homely feel for children to come in and play, but our number one priority is for our children to feel safe and relaxed at all times. We try to create as many spaces as we can to ensure children have the opportunity to make choices for themselves with what they wish to do.

We have a relaxing story corner with soft toys, cushions, blankets, and plenty of engaging books for the children to get lost in. Our arts and craft area is very popular with our little ones, who love to experiment and explore sensory and messy play. Our favourite area of the room is our beautiful indoor wooden slide where the children can practice their physical skills, for example climbing up the steps and crawling underneath the tunnel.

All of our toys and resources are down at the child’s level so that they can independently access what they would like to play with and make their own choices.

We feel it’s important to use our staff members unique skillsets, so we encourage each member of staff to share their passions with the children – whether it’s getting creative with messy play, improving the children’s confidence with outdoor play or inspiring learning through role play.

See what the Beauley Room have been up to this month:

November 2023

In the Beauley Room this month, we have loved celebrating Remembrance Day and Diwali. The children have loved exploring paint and printing with wooden firework stencils and using apples for our poppy printing. We have decorated our room with all our lovely creations.

We have also enjoyed playing in the garden this month too! We have relaxed in our new egg chair which is a nice safe haven for our children. We have loved using chalk to draw some pictures and lines across the chalk board by the Leighton room.

What a lovely month celebrating and creating, good job Beauley Room.


October 2023

This month, the children have thoroughly enjoyed being keen bakers and they made some very spooky cupcakes! All the children had a go at mixing and measuring ingredients to make their scary creations. We got to celebrate our cupcakes after tea as a lovely pudding.

The Beauley Room has also had a scary makeover with some Halloween decorations and activities. We have enjoyed painting some pumpkins and participating in Halloween mark making with some chalks, water and paint brushes. We also took a surprise trip to The Coop so the children could choose their own pumpkins to decorate!

To finish off our October month we have engaged with our new daily routine and Makaton board. This interactive board is a way for our children to communicate via pictures and signs. We move the routines throughout the day, so the children know what is coming next! We also use the Makaton signs throughout circle time and day to day routines to support our singing and instructions.

September 2023

This month in Beauley Room we have been enjoying exploring our role play and using our imagination. Our children have loved exploring a shops activity, using different resources including play food, tills, play money and more. We really enjoy using our imagination as it can spark different interests and help support different areas of play and development.

We celebrated ‘Talk like a pirate day’ by setting up the room with pirate themed activities. We had a treasure hunt in the sand tray with different objects wrapped in foil to make it look like treasure. The children used their fine motor skills to explore and feel each object. They really enjoyed exploring the sensory trays which had hidden gems inside, they used different resources to dig, contain and transport. We explored our fine and gross motor skills as part of this activity.