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In the Pearl Room, there is space for 24 children aged 1 – 3, all year round. In this room, which looks out on to the garden, there are so many opportunities for children to explore and learn. The Pearl Room is full of adaptable spaces which can be chopped and changed depending on what the children are interested in at that particular time. For example, the nap area can easily be switched from busy play area to calming nap area with beds, mattresses and blankets aplenty! There is also a separate creative area, where the children can really get messy, and sensory play and block play placed all around the room.


See what the Pearl Room have been up to this month:

November 2021

This month in Pearl room children have been exploring light to celebrate Bonfire Night and Diwali. They created their own fireworks pictures and also created their very own Diya for Diwali using clay and decorated them with paints and glitter.


October 2021

This month, we have really been enjoying getting stuck in and messy for Halloween!