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In the Pearl Room, there is space for 24 children aged 1 – 3, all year round. In this room, which looks out on to the garden, there are so many opportunities for children to explore and learn. The Pearl Room is full of adaptable spaces which can be chopped and changed depending on what the children are interested in at that particular time. For example, the nap area can easily be switched from busy play area to calming nap area with beds, mattresses and blankets aplenty! There is also a separate creative area, where the children can really get messy, and sensory play and block play placed all around the room.


See what the Pearl Room have been up to this month:

April 2022

This month in the Pearl room we had a spa day! We made our own face masks with natural ingredients; such as plain yoghurt, honey and banana. We mixed PVA glue and paint together to create ‘nail polish’ and painted our nails in the ‘Salon’. We also used our senses to explore different textures of nail files and buffers. We had a bubbly warm foot spa with rose petals. We brushed, combed and styled our hair with water spray in the ‘Hair Salon’. We used baby lotion and baby oil to have foot and hand massages. Cucumber was nice and cold on our skin, and a refreshing snack when we were finished! Once the grown-ups showed us what we could do in the Spa, we enjoyed giving adults and our friends treatments! Recently the children have also shown interest and curiosity in Space, talking and learning about the Solar System. We have followed this interest, exploring with our senses, reading books and looking at pictures about the planets.

March 2022

This month Marta helped introduce us to one of her traditions from Spain called “Fiestas de Carnaval”. We made our own carnival masks using tissue paper and glue and did lots of dancing to music! We also celebrated World Book day by dressing up as some of our favourite book characters. We explored lots of book-themed activities throughout the week such as Hungry Caterpillar playdough and building using straw, sticks and bricks like in the Three Little Pigs. We also celebrated International Womens day by reading one of our favourite books “A is for Awesome” which is full of incredible, influential women from throughout history, such as Malala, Harriet Tubman, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We then looked at ourselves in the mirror and tried to draw self-portraits.


This month our children explored Valentines Day activites. We used our senses to explore colourful scented playdough, that we ‘squeezed’, ‘pushed’, ‘pulled’ and ‘moulded’.

We also got creative and made Valentines cards for our parents, and other special people in our lives!