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How it Started

Our Alonely performances evolved as a “reward” for our volunteer research. We were gathered by The University of Bristol Productive Margins Project, to study isolation and loneliness in older people in Bedminster, Bristol. We were trained and mothered by Dr Jenny Barke and went forth with Chloe Scolefield’s tea trolley to bribe possible participants with cake. As researchers of a similar age to our interviewees we may have helped them to be more frank and open about the loneliness they experienced.

Where we have performed

We first performed at The Tobacco Factory in Bristol and have since then performed at many venues. We were invited by the then minister for Loneliness, Tracey Crouch, to perform at The Houses of Parliament in London.

Encourage Everyone to talk about loneliness

The Alonely performances are available for training to anyone who is considering working with older people and any organisations who wish to educate future practitioners about encouraging older people to be more open in discussing loneliness and isolation.

The Alonely Monologues are presented free of charge.

Where we will be next

To find out where we are next performing please visit us on twitter @AlonelyBristol or on Facebook.
You can also contact our producer using the details below or download our press kit for more information.

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