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Our promise to you…

The soul of BS3 Community is reflected throughout each of the nursery rooms, with a lovely fuzzy feeling that can be felt as soon as you walk into our nurseries. We believe strongly in parent partnership, and promise to work alongside you to ensure that your child will have the opportunity to grow and blossom whilst they are with us at BS3 Community. We promise that each child in our care will be a valued member of our community, that their voice will be heard, and that we will always strive to do our best for them.

How we will deliver on our promise…

Play is valued as an innate, natural and powerful system for children’s learning and development.

Every decision or plan we make has a rationale. Intelligent practice is born out of reflection, communication and research, and we believe habitual practice should be challenged.

All aspects of children’s experiences here are seen as potential learning opportunities.

Calm, patient, supportive and respectful relationships (with each other, with children and with parents) are crucial to promoting happiness and wellbeing. We are always striving to develop an inclusive and positive atmosphere.

As a charity, we are passionate about equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging for all. Inclusivity and respect is central to all our practices and decision making.

Children are seen as unique, communicative, inquisitive, and creative. They all have a right to safe, secure and happy childhoods.

Sometimes we only have part of the jigsaw, therefore what we do is more effective in partnership with others. Parents are the experts on their own child, and other providers, professionals and institutions have experience and expertise which can help to enhance our impact.

The continued professional development of everyone in our team is crucial to the continuous improvement of our services. Learning is a lifelong journey.