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BS3 Community Care: An Innovative New Care Introductory Service Launching Summer 2024

BS3 Community Care, a new care introductory service, is set to launch summer 2024. This innovative service will connect local people in need of care and support with individual care providers and personal assistants, revolutionising the way care is accessed and delivered in the BS3 area of Bristol.

About BS3 Community Care

BS3 Community Care is more than just an introductory service; it’s a community-driven initiative focused on creating a strong, connected, and resilient community where everyone can access the personalised care they need. Our mission is to make a positive impact by building connections, supporting those in need, creating rewarding and flexible self-employed job opportunities, promoting local businesses, and fostering a sense of belonging for all.

Our Unique Approach

An Introductory Agency is like a matchmaking service for care and support. It offers a flexible alternative to traditional home care, giving you more choice and control over who provides your care, when, and how. At BS3 Community Care our approach is simple: Local Care for Local People.

  • Building our Local Community: We focus on connecting local people with local care providers and personal assistants. Our mission is to create a strong, connected community where everyone can access the care they need.
  • Independence Matters: We believe that everyone should be able to stay as independent as possible. With our service, you get to choose who helps you, when they help, and how it looks.
  • Flexible Options: You need flexibility, so we provide it. You’re in the driver’s seat – we just give you the tools to explore a range of care providers and select the one that fits your unique needs (website coming soon)!

Whether you need care for yourself, a family member, or someone you work with, we’re here to help. If you’re a care provider looking to connect with people who need your services or if you are new to care work and want support around self-employment and finding new clients, we’ve got you covered too. BS3 Community Care does the introductions, so you can focus on what matters.

Join Us

Whilst we develop this new service, we are looking for caring, positive, and passionate people who are interested in providing care and support, to join us as a self-employed carer or personal assistant. If you are new to either self-employment or care work, no problem – we can provide you with support and guidance to gain all the skills and confidence you need!

The beauty of this opportunity is that you can continue working in other jobs or fulfilling other commitments whilst fitting in care work to suit you and your lifestyle e.g. studies, work, childcare or other circumstances. It’s up to you when and how often you’re available to provide support to your local community.

Read our recruitment leaflet here and get in touch if you want to find out more:

Click here to see our BS3 Community Care leaflet.

Contact Information

For more information contact:

Carla Snell, Care & Wellbeing Manager

0117 9231039

Stay updated with our latest news and events by following us on:

Facebook: BS3 Community Care

Instagram: @bs3communitycare