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Let’s Walk Bedminster

We are putting our best foot forward on the Let’s Walk Bedminster project.

Let’s Walk Bedminster are building the team of Street Wardens across the BS3 area. The team of local residents take an interest in helping to maintain streets and walkways. Items get reported to Bristol City Council (BCC) such as abandoned mattresses, dog mess or other detritus left on the streets. BCC claim to remove these within 48 hours, but only if somebody notifies them. We are working with the Bedminster Business Improvement District, focusing who’s focus is on the retail and venues, whilst the team engages with residential streets.

To join the team in keeping walkways clear, safe and accessible, contact BS3 Community volunteer, Ben Barker on

Ben has written a report on ‘walkability’ for the Bristol Walking Alliance. Ben notes “If you are young and nimble, you can probably dodge around obstacles on the pavement. Not so if you are pushing a buggy, being led by an assistance dog or driving a wheelchair”