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We are an Ofsted registered provider

Read our Chessel Centre Nursery report: 

Chessel Centre Nursery Ofsted report

Read our Southville Centre Nursery report

Southville Centre Nursery Ofsted report


The Bristol Standard

We are delighted to have been awarded the Bristol Standard.

“Improving on our previous best”

The Bristol Standard is a self-evaluation framework that is used by early years practitioners and play workers to enable them to take part in reflective discussions around ten dimensions of quality to identify their current strengths and targets for improvement. This is an annual cycle which settings complete and then submit for validation. Children are at the heart of the Bristol Standard and all targets detail the benefits for children of the actions being taken.

The Bristol Standard is recognised nationally and internationally; it brings teams together with a shared vision and supports ongoing staff professional development.


We delivered a community outreach project called Your Food, Your Health, which took healthy eating talks and cookery classes into local care-homes and older people’s preferred tower blocks. Read the report on the outcomes. Your Food, Your Health project report.



We have worked with Pro Bono Economics to assess the economic impact of our Community Webs social prescribing programme. Pro Bono Economics report found that there is a positive correlation between receiving social prescribing and positive effects on an individual’s health, well-being and level of loneliness.


BS3 Community has taken part in some groundbreaking research exploring the benefits of intergenerational activity for pre-school children undertaken by Lois Peach of the University of Bristol. Research Outline, Research Summary.


BS3 Community CEO, Dr Simon Hankins contributes to blog examining the need for social prescribing to be reimagined to bring the real change health and social care need.


Article in the Children’s Centre Leader Journal. Read how the BS3 Community Grandparent and Toddler group has reduced loneliness and isolation through generating interactions, connections and relationships between children and older people and increased the children’s “school readiness” through singing and storytelling.


Creating Environments That Support Children’s Potential

In association with Parenta


The Community Business Market 

In association with Power to Change


Using Technology to Develop Children’s Potential

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