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…  be treated impartially and fairly and on equal terms with other service users. 

You can trust the workforce at BS3 Community Development to be helpful, polite, and treat you fairly and with respect. You can trust us to try to do what we say we will do, understand your circumstances, and follow processes correctly. Some services and activities may not be appropriate for everyone, if this is the case for you, you will be informed and alternatives will be offered where available.

…  expect to hear from us promptly. 

BS3 Community Development will do its best to respond to your initial enquiry within two working days, or within a deadline to be agreed with you or your organisation.   

…  receive accurate information. 

BS3 Community Development will strive to provide you with the correct decision, information or payment and explain things clearly if the outcome is not what you had hoped for. 

…  be sure that your enquiry is treated with confidentiality and that we will only share your details with a third party with your knowledge and permission. 

You can be confident that should you approach BS3 Community Development for support that your query or request for help will be handled in a professional and confidential manner and that we will not disclose any information outside of the organisation without discussion. 

…  be dealt with to the best of our ability and knowledge. 

BS3 Community Development will use the most accurate and relevant information and is committed to continuous professional development for staff to ensure the delivery of excellent services. Where your enquiry is beyond internal capacity BS3 Community Development will be clear about the limitations of the support and suggest other relevant resources. 

… be encouraged to engage in BS3 Community Development’s activities which hope to support, develop, and represent the community. 

BS3 Community Development is committed to the voluntary and community sector in Bristol and recognise that we all benefit from working together. There may be areas of BS3 Community Development’s activities that you are not aware of and we aim to give you the knowledge, skills and capacity to be more fully involved. 

…  be welcome to give feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions about the services that BS3 Community Development offers. 

If you have any comments or suggestions about improving our services, please  contact us. We always value your input it helps to make what we do better. 

Equally, if you feel that BS3 Community Development has not met its commitments as set out in the charter, please  contact us. Feedback is always taken seriously. Any expression of dissatisfaction (such as a ‘poor’ evaluation of a service or event), will be taken forward for wider discussion, investigation and for a formal response. Your feedback helps to inform and shape the services that we provide. Should you not receive a satisfactory response or conclusion to feedback, or you feel that there has been a shortfall in the standard of the service that we have provided, please follow the BS3 Community  complaints procedure.

Thank you