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The Stackpool Room has up to 30 children aged 3 – 4, all year round. This room is for our older children, and this is reflected in the spaces that they have which can be used for exploring, playing, and learning. In the Stackpool Room, our practitioners encourage increased independence, in preparation for when they leave us for school. There is more of an emphasis on routine, and the children enjoy this being visually represented up on the wall. The cosy library area is a peaceful space where children can read stories individually or as a group, or simply just to have some down time. The creative room is separate from the main room, giving plenty of opportunity to really get stuck in and make a mess! This free flowing room has the children’s interests at heart, and they have lots of fun whilst they learn.

See what the Stackpool Room have been up to:

November 2021

In the Stackpool room we have been focusing a lot this month on kindness. To celebrate children’s kind moments, we have created a kindness jar, each time a child does something that is really kind they colour in a heart and put it in the jar, once the jar is full, we will celebrate together with a treat.

We have also created a kindness tree; each child drew around their hands and told us something they can do or say that is really kind e.g. “sharing and using kind hands”. The tree is displayed in the library for us all to be reminded how happy it makes us feel to be kind!

The children in Stackpool room have also been really interested in Makaton. We have done lots of small group times learning new signs such as animals and welcome signs. We now use Makaton during our daily circle times “good morning, good afternoon” and will continue to practise new signs on a regular basis.


October 2021

This month we have been discussing Autumn, and how the leaves change by studying them and printing with them. We have been preparing healthy snacks. And for Halloween, the children have been making their own potions with some messy play materials and cauldrons!