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How do I book a tour?

We hold visits to both Centres on a one-to-one basis at either 9.30am or 10.30am most days. These visits are designed to give you the opportunity to ask any further questions and view a typical day at nursery. If you would like to make an appointment to come and have a look around the nursery please email with some dates that are suitable for you and also which provision you are interested in viewing. Alternatively, we have recorded a virtual tour of our nurseries, which you can view here: 


How do I apply for a nursery place?

– Please email to request nursery information and an application form. If you would like to register your child on the waiting list, please complete and return the form (either via email or dropped into Reception at the Southville Centre) along with the non-refundable administration fee of £15.

– Please note that joining the waiting list does not guarantee a place unfortunately.


Can I get help with filling out forms? 

– Absolutely! If you need help with filling out forms, reading Terms & Conditions, or anything else, please give us a call or email us and a member of the Family Services team will be more than happy to provide assistance. We strive to make our service as inclusive and accessible as possible. If English is an additional language for you, we have many bilingual members of staff.


How long is the waiting list? Can I get a waiting list update?

– We operate a waiting list with some families waiting in excess of on average 18 months from the date of application for a place depending on the nursery, room, and days/sessions they require. We are constantly monitoring the waiting list to see where we can slot families in.

– If you would like an update on where your child is sitting on the waiting list, please do not hesitate to contact, and we will gladly provide you with an update.


How do you communicate and share information with parents?

– Any information that we need to communicate and share with parents will come from Family Services via email. We may also call you if need be.

– Family Services are available via email and phone from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

– We send newsletters so you can see what the children have been getting up to here at BS3 Community.

– Any observations or room specific updates will be uploaded on to Tapestry, an online journal used to document your child’s time with us.

– Our practitioners also provide a comprehensive handover when picking up from nursery, and are on hand for you to inform them of anything they need to know.

– For a more formal opportunity to discuss your child’s development, we hold parents evenings twice a year. Practitioners are also available for ad hoc appointments should you wish to discuss anything with them.


Are there settling in periods?

– After we have been able to offer you a place at one of our nurseries, nearer the start date the nursery lead practitioner will allocate a key person who will then contact you to arrange settling in sessions 2/3 weeks prior to your child’s start date, free of charge.

– Parents are able to attend the first meeting, giving you the opportunity to get to know your key person, and your child the opportunity to settle in at their own pace. These settling in sessions are structured dependent on your child’s needs.


What are the ratios?

– For 1 year olds, the ratio is 1:3. For 2 year olds, the ratio is 1:4. For 3+ year olds, the ratio is 1:8.


How do you observe the children?

– Each child is allocated a key person, who will organise activities with their key group which will promote learning whilst they are playing. This gives the practitioner the chance to observe how well your child is doing and how they might be able to assist them further in their development.

– Your child’s key person will also upload observations to your child’s Tapestry journal so you can see how well they are doing, and what they get up to whilst they are with us at nursery.


What meals do you provide?

– Meals are provided by Early Years Catering. The children enjoy a lunch, light tea, and snacks throughout the day. In each room, the children will sit at the table to eat their meals as a group, which really encourages a sense of community within the rooms.

– Please see our Food Menu for more information.


How much time do the children have outside?

– Depending on the room, the children across both nurseries have the opportunity to play outside two to three times a day. Some of the rooms also have a smaller garden to themselves which the children can play in.


What do the children get up to?

– Our main philosophy is to encourage child-led play. We set out activities based on what the children have been playing with and are most interested in. The practitioners will then further that play and deepen their learning.

– The children participate in two small group times every day, one in the morning and the afternoon.

– There is also a larger group activity, circle time, where the children can share stories, sing, or hold discussion.

– Garden time allows the children to run free and explore the nature, whether that is playing in the mud kitchen or scooting around!


What if I am concerned about my child? Who do I go to? 

– In the first instance, speak with your child’s key person, or the room lead. Or you can send an email to Each centre has a nominated Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), and Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDco). Family Services will be able to signpost you to the relevant person.


How do I report an absence if my child is unwell or on holiday?

– Please email Family Services at, and they will update the nursery room and the system. Please note that we do not offer any discounts or breaks for days that your child does not attend their regular booking.


How do I give dietary, allergy, or medical requirement updates?

– Please email Family Services at, and they will update your child’s file and inform the room. Alternatively, you can let your key person know and they will update Family Services.


What if I need the odd extra session?

– If there is availability in the room, you can book in extra ad hoc sessions by emailing

– Please note that we require 30 days written notice if you wish to cancel any ad hoc bookings.


What should my children bring with them?

– Please bring a spare change of clothes – we like to get messy here at BS3 Community!

– Weather dependent, please also bring sun cream, sun hats, rain coats, wellies.

– You will need to provide nappies, wet wipes and water bottles.

– For the safety of our children, we ask you to put these items in a cotton bag and not a plastic bag.


Is there a minimum booking?

– The minimum booking at our nurseries is 10 hours, which can be one full day or two half days per week. We require a minimum booking for the benefit of the children, as this really allows our practitioners to get to know your child.