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The Southville Centre is home to the Beauley Room, Leighton Room, Stackpool Room and the Raleigh Room. The vast garden at the Southville Centre is a great space to encourage physical development, whether that is climbing the tree and wooden trunks structure, scooting around, playing with the water feature or using the mud kitchen.

Child-led play is a major part of our philosophy here at BS3 Community, and our practitioners will set out activities based on what the children have been playing with. The practitioners will then further that play and deepen their learning. Across all of our rooms, the children participate in two small group times each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This gives our practitioners a formal opportunity to assess the children’s development. The children will also take part in circle time, which is space for a story, singing, or a discussion. More adult-led physical activities, although still informed by the children, take place in each of the rooms too, for example, yoga.

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