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Yoga with Hali

Vinyassa Flow Yoga Class.

Each class begins with some seated meditation and then works into a gentle yet heat building slow flow through a full body stretch, balances and strength building. We then end with a calming meditation (Savasana).

Hali teaches a playful form of Hatha Vinyasa Flow. This style merges two popular forms of modern yoga, Hatha; which involves holding still poses for a few breaths, and Vinyasa yoga; which focuses on moving the body in time with the breath.

With each class you can expect to connect to your body, mind and your breath, building strength and mobility whilst releasing stress and tension.

50% off your first class.
Students are asked to bring their own yoga mats.

Hali's local Bristol yoga classes are approachable and accessible with a friendly community feel. Focused on beginner/intermediate with options given throughout each class to suit all levels of strength and flexibility.


  • Wed 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Chessel Centre Jasper Room

Hayley Symonds

£10.00 50% off your first session